How to Customize Optimus Prime

Have you wondered how customizers create incredible, realistic-looking and highly detailed replicas of your favourite toy robots?

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As defined by, “customizing is the process of modifying an existing toy to obtain something that can’t be bought, to improve something that can, or simply to engage in a refreshing exercise of creativity”.

Take your love for your toy robots to the next level and learn how to customize & create your own awesome-looking unique custom!


custom optimus prime

“HOW TO CUSTOMIZE TOY ROBOTS & OTHER TOYS” is an original step-by-step guide by internationally acclaimed illusion designer and passionate Transformer customizer, J C Sum.

You will learn how to:

Use basic tools to create a highly detailed and realistic Battle Damaged & Weathered Optimus Prime, Transformers toy or any other action figure

Create Slashes, Bullet Holes, Scratches, Grind Marks, Dents and Dents

Customize and paint your toy model to achieve a movie-accurate or real-life look

Create a one-of-a-kind custom for fun, display or even for profit by selling it

Turn a $40 toy into $200 masterpiece

Power Up Prime 11

Power Up Prime 12

As a FREE bonus, J C reveals his original design, techniques and methods to create the ultra complex Power Up Optimus Prime Leg/ Foot from his signature Battle Damaged Transformable Power Up Optimus Prime.

Power Up Prime 14

The entire guide is clearly laid out in a 40-page ebook, (8.5″x 11″) with over 40 full-coloured photos detailing how to customize & paint your toy robot.

“HOW TO CUSTOMIZE TOY ROBOTS & OTHER TOYS”  is available as an Instant Download PDF through Paypal’s secure payment system.

how to customize toy robots

Only US$9.90

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